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Forwarding this for a ham overseas.  Email him direct if you can help
him. I do not know him, but his interest in tube equipment and access to
European numbers should be of interest to everyone.  73,  Doug

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From: arnoldg at (Arnold Goksøyr)
Subject: Plessey UHF receiver
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 20:11:59 +0100

Greetings to all it this group.

My name is Arnold Goks=F8yr and I live in Norway, in a small place called
Balestrand by Sognefjorden. My main hobby is valves of every kind and
valve equipment - from computers to radar. I'm working as a psychologist,
so the hobby is relatively unrelated to my profession. Except that most
psychologist like to find out what has happened (to people), and
interest in valves is also digging in the past...
I'm running a company called DEMOSTENES and I'm selling all kind of
all over the world (You can visit my homepage if you want)

I have a little problem with a monstrous UHF receiver I've had for many
years. This is a Plessey UHF receiver, Rec. unit 9096 Ref. no 10P/13247
It covers 225 - 400Mhz and has a lot of CV... valves. The HF amp and
have DET 23.
Can anyone help me with a schematic????


Arnold Goks=F8yr
N5850 Balestrand

Phone +47 5769 1340
 Fax  +47 5769 1267
e-mail arnoldg at

Valves, sockets, transformers and books about
valves, amplifiers and other equipment with valves.
1800 different valves in stock. Many rare European=20
types. You will find it at my homepage:

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