Dow-Key Relay

Joe Ferrara ferrara at FARSIDE.CC.MISU.NODAK.EDU
Thu Feb 19 09:46:20 EST 1998

Hi Folks

I'm in the final stages of resurrecting my Johnson Desk KW (I last fired it
up in 1981). In the old days I used an HT-37 to drive it and used a good
old SPDT Dow-Key to switch the antenna from Xmit to Rec. The problem is
that I gave away the 37 years ago and I'm now using an Omni-6 which is,
last time I checked, a transceiver. I seem to remember that Dow-Key made a
DPDT version of the relay that could be used with a Transceiver (yup
that's 6 S0-239s). I wonder if anyone has, and would part with, one of
those critters? (Of course I'll isolate the Dow-Key from the TenTec with a
low-voltage, filtered relay system)

This is a temporary set up (I've a Valiant II in the works) so I don't
want to spend a lot.

I have considered ganging a couple of SPDT Dow-Keys together and I
suppose that would work.  I'm also like to hear other switching

Thanks all,

Joe, N7IV

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