New boatanchor web page

Dave nyet at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Feb 24 02:34:01 EST 1998

Hello all,

Again, sorry for the broadcast.  I subscribe to the above lists,
so I get to read my own message a few times!

I posted a while back about my new web page.  Well, I couldn't
resist the chance to purchase a domain name, and now have
a pretty cool site name: instead
of the clunky old Netcom sub-address.  Needless to say, the
page is devoted to boatanchors (Collins, Heath, and Drake,
with Hallicrafters and others as well).

I have added more photos, and I will soon be adding a 'boatanchor
gallery' to further expand the availability of such photos on
the 'net.  I will also be scanning old ads for the gear we
love, mostly from CQ magazine (of which I have about every one since
about 1960, I think).

So check back once in a while.  I keep adding and changing,
and there is a regular turnaround on the 'Trading Post' page.
I'm trying to make an effort to keep it dynamic.  If I ever get
stale with it, I'll just turn it off!  I hate stale web pages.

If you have a link to your page you'd like added, by all means
drop me a note and I'll add your page.  If you have a particular
description to go with your link, tell me and I'll type it in
that way.  Also, I'll soon be opening a photo ads page for
anyone who wants to send a jpeg and For Sale ad.  That way you
can post in the newsgroups and just refer them to the photo
on the classified ad page. Email if interested...

Anyway, I again thank you all for the bandwidth, and I won't
crosspost like this again soon.

Take care and 73's

Dave Ellison WB7AWK

email: WB7AWK at or just hit 'reply'
Trading Post page is now up and running!

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