SP-600 cabinets

Don Stepka dts4 at CORNELL.EDU
Wed Feb 25 15:55:04 EST 1998

Bob Perry wrote:

>>Just talked to Premier. They have two models: DCR-100 is 15.75 inches
>>deep,and DCR-18100 is 18 inches deep.

FWIW, I just measured my cabinet and radio:

The cabinet is original, I believe. It is a Premier (no model # that I can
find), has square holes on the sides, top, top of the rear panel, and front
of the bottom panel. It has mounting holes for the rear bottom screws of
the SP-600, and its 2/3 height (open bottom) rear panel has an antenna
cable hole. It has a hinged top and chrome handles on the sides.

The cabinet is 17" deep (external measurement) with 16-5/8" usable depth
behind the rack flange.  My SP-600 requires 16-1/2" behind the rack flange.

Neither of the current Premiers seems to match these measurements, although
the DCR-18100 should accommodate the SP-600.  It does not appear that the
DCR-100 will accept an SP-600 unless it has an open back and you let the
radio hang out.

The DCR-100 should accept an R-390A (mine measures 14-3/8" behind the flange).


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