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Sun Jul 5 01:13:06 EDT 1998

Greetings all...

Just a short note to remind everyone to stay on the topic of the list you
are on.  I've started seeing posts for new equipment on the BA list and
Heath stuff on the Collins list.

No one is mad at anyone, but let's keep things a little more pure.  It's not
like there isn't hundreds of people on each of these lists and if there is a
want or sell the very best place to post it is the target list only.  Of
course, there are always the news groups too.

Thank you all for doing such a fine job lately.  My errors are going down in
number big time and the postings have been pretty much dead center and
lively.  Good job and enjoy.

The ham lists hosted by Tempe are:

boatanchors - heath - collins

You can sign up or off using the instructions at the end of any post
substituting the list name for the one you want.  Archives are still
available on the web from message one to one minute ago.

73 all

For a positive presence known on the web...
Dave Kelley, AI7R

For a positive presence known on the web...
Dave Kelley, AI7R

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