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Ed Tanton n4xy at ATT.NET
Sat Jul 4 22:27:50 EDT 1998

Does it belong here? Yes it probably does... Is it probably stretching the
list criteria a bit? Also, YES it is... but as a 'WTB', I think we should
be less stringent on our BA listing parameters.

Personally, with the exception of new/almost new amps, I think that
anything a 'normal' BA enthusiast (now THERE's a contradiction in terms!!!)
might WANT ought to be enough of a qualifier.

I recently opted for a near-future purchase of an FT-101-EE and stuff, and
there were several statements made that it didn't belong on any BA
listing-nor did any Japanese equipment. I could not disagree more.

I would LOVE to own an operating Japanese WW2 rcvr (or German)... and the
NRD-515 is one of THE classis rcvrs (I'd REALLY LOVE to find one for
sale)... yet-although entirely solid state-it is hardly 'modern'.

I think we are going to have to come to terms with the definition of a BA
being on a sliding scale, with the passing of time doing the sliding. It
DOES matter WHAT it is, and what it's 'status' amongst collectors is. The
little English Lowe HF-150 rcvr is another that-while utterly solid
state-is now (I think) out of production, and not only quite desirable,
but-like the NRD-515-hard to find. As significant examples of their
individual generations, having more than a minor following amongst
enthusiasts, they fit within the criteria set I think of when I think of BA
rcvrs... except that they do not contain vacuum tubes... an exception I am
trying very hard to 'deal with' in my own thinking, as not necessarily a
cast-in-stone criterium.

P.S. I felt I needed to list the entire thread... more or less.

At 04:54 PM 7/4/98 EDT, Hue Miller wrote:
>In a message dated 98-07-01 10:47:49 EDT,
> fujikawa at nk.rim.or.jp writes:
>> I am looking for SONY radios.
>is this stretching the definition of boatanchors?
>what's next?
>regards, hue

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