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>Sorry Simon,
>I should have stated that I'm tired of hearing about the Japanese rigs
>on this reflector, We hear ft101 ts520ftdx400 etc every day on the
>air it would be nice to not hear about them on the reflector.
>I certainly don't mind them at all, I have one here that I use.
>I also have   owned 4 RACAL RA-17s, but only have one left ra17c-13.
>I just sold my Eddystone 830/4 rcver. So, I have great admiration for the
>British  radios. had 770r 2/940 Eddystones
>All I was stating ,was keep the vintage  light weight ssb rigs off the
>reflector, anything under 50 lbs is not a boatanchor.
>I went to one of your web sites,   that crb5 rcvr looks a lot like the
>Good web page.
>Take care     DENNIS   VE7-DH   --... ...--

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