Bob Miller bmiller at CALWEB.COM
Thu Jul 9 22:50:02 EDT 1998

Hey!  A good SS list would be great.  I've got a few tons of solid state

aluminum-cased junk around my shack and would love to get rid of some
and accumulate more in its place.  A separate list would keep everyone
happy and if it's a question of device purity, well I'm sure most of the

mates that read the list(s) could deal with a few hybrids on either
list.  The point is kind of moot in most cases as my old Collins 618t(3)

even with its tooooobs is mostly a collection of leaky germanium things
but is certainly an anchor no matter how one looks at it.   Let's
lighten up and not be toooo myopic or literal in our definitions.
Tooobs are cool, but SS can be a gas as well... especially the early
junk which probably needs more TLC than mature tooooob stuff.  End of

    Adios es 73

    Bob, KE6F

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