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For those who aren't aware of it, there HAS been a VSS list for years.   It
was hosted by who dropped all support for mail reflectors a few
months ago, no doubt another casualty of hackers and spam.

I petitioned several list owners to help crank it up again, and Dave came
through for us, Thanks Dave!  (Not to mention the fine citizens of Tempe!)

I don't mean to offend anyone, but the signal to noise ratio of the old VSS
list was the highest of any I subscribe to, including the paid BA list.   It
was - and hopefully will again be - a resource for solid state electronic
items from test gear to tape recorders to transceivers.   There wasn't
really a "culture" as some would put it, but it was unquestionably a great
source of information and expertise.  Consider for instance that replacement
tubes are really quite plentiful and easy to find, but try to find a
replacement for a special-purpose IC that's been obsolete for 20 years to
get a vintage receiver going, and you'll appreciate the need for a VSS list.
To paraphrase an old saying  "Maybe I can't tell you what a boatanchor is,
but I know it when I see it!".  Can't we just leave it at that?

Back to Boatanchors...
73, Bob W9RAN

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From: Bob Miller <bmiller at>
Date: Thursday, July 09, 1998 9:50 PM
Subject: RE SS

>Hey!  A good SS list would be great.  I've got a few tons of solid state
>aluminum-cased junk around my shack and would love to get rid of some
>and accumulate more in its place.  A separate list would keep everyone
>happy and if it's a question of device purity, well I'm sure most of the
>mates that read the list(s) could deal with a few hybrids on either
>list.  The point is kind of moot in most cases as my old Collins 618t(3)
>even with its tooooobs is mostly a collection of leaky germanium things
>but is certainly an anchor no matter how one looks at it.   Let's
>lighten up and not be toooo myopic or literal in our definitions.
>Tooobs are cool, but SS can be a gas as well... especially the early
>junk which probably needs more TLC than mature tooooob stuff.  End of
>    Adios es 73
>    Bob, KE6F
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