Help with Japanese Mil. Radio

Frank Dameron dameron at WYNDHAM.COM
Fri Jul 10 10:47:56 EDT 1998

I need help with identifying a Japanese (I think) military radio I just
All of the labels on the radio are in Japanese and the name plate has
the following:

2 - 4 MC (I got that one)

CWT-2A        338 or 336

19 - 4 (Year?)

It is housed in a wooden field box about 20"w x 12"h x 14" d (these
measurements are a guess since it is not sitting in front of me)
there is a hinged access panel on top of the box. The rig itself is
removable from the box and I am assuming there is a battery pack that is
missing and maybe a power supply or tuner that is missing as there are
two smaller empty compartments in the field box.

Any help id-ing this would be very beneficial and thanks in advance.

I also have a digital camera and was wondering if it is possible or even
beneficial to attach a photo to these posts?

FDameron N5TYD

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