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Dexter Francis cwest at XMISSION.COM
Fri Jul 10 06:11:59 EDT 1998

I must admit to being a hybred myself.  Three rigs which have "most
favorite radio" status, two are all tube; a 51S-1 and a SP-600 JX-25,
and one is *no* tube; a SPR-4.

While the line between these is pretty clear, it gets fuzzier and
fuzzier the farther you get into the 1970's.  R-4C's had 15 silicon
devices in them, compared to 6 tubes, yet the R4-C is classed as a

Don't wish to be exclusionary.  Even just one tube is enough for me.
For something to be BA, I'd say it probably has a transformer making the
B+, at the least.  If it weighs 85 pounds, so much the better.

Probably I'd draw the line at integrated circuits eyes are
getting too old to see those little tiny wires
and my hands aren't nimble enough to fix them anyway.  :-)


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