Jeffrey Herman jeffreyh at HAWAII.EDU
Tue May 5 00:16:40 EDT 1998

Hi Gang,
Well, after some 6 or 7 years on the original BA list, I've been
unsub'd by ListOwnerJack, for failing to send in my $20 or $25.
Phooey on him.

By way of introduction, I have a Galaxy GT-550, a Globe Scout 65A
(the one with 160m), a T-784 xmtr, DX-60B. Others have come and
gone. There is also an SX-101A waiting for me whenever I get
around to picking it up. Plus, lots of homebrew gear. (I'm
getting ready to build the 160m xmtr which uses a 6146, that
appears in the book The Challenge Of 160.

I was a Coast Guard CW operator at NMO from 76 to 80 - mostly
sat the 500 kc watch at night, and the HF CW watch (4, 6, 8, 12,
16, and 22 Mc) during the day, and loved it. I am glad I was a part of
what is now history. 500 was a simple and reliable worldwide net which
we'll never see the likes of again. Pity.

(I'm looking for a 500 kc Auto Alarm receiver just in case anyone has
one. I guess it will never again hear the twelve 4-second dashes (with
1-second pauses) but it would still be nice to have one so that
the R/Os and their shipmates who are on watch on the ocean's bottom
will know someone is still listening for them.)

After my active duty years in the USCG, I used the GI Bill (and
tuition waivers from the USCG Reserve) to get my BS an MA in Math,
and now teach for the University of Hawaii system. When I'm not
teaching or grading papers, I'm sailing in the warm Hawaiian waters,
off of Waikiki.

Age is 44. Previous callsigns: WA6QIJ (from '76), WH6AEQ (first Hawaii
call), then NH6IL. Now I'm KH2PZ / KH6. Have been a General for 22 years,
so this summer I'll try to upgrade to Extra, and hope to get a Hawaii
2x1 call - still some left! I'm active with the Oahu Civil Defense
RACES unit - our hurricane season begins 1 June.  =:o

Who want to take if from here?

73 Gang,
Jeff KH2PZ / KH6

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