Anyone having a problem printing the CV-591A docs?

Tom Norris badger at TELALINK.NET
Tue May 5 08:26:16 EDT 1998

Some idiot -- namely me -- deleted his list of persons he sent this manual to,
so I really need to post to the list rather than directly to the people.
Sorry about

I have discovered there is a bug in Adobe Reader that will in most cases
not print
.pdf files that have been "captured"* -- such as the CV-591A document I
sent out
last week. Anyone who is having a problem printing that manual, drop me a line
and I will send you a new "unOCR'ed" version that should print just fine.

Didnt catch the problem here -- I was using the full pakage to do the
printing as
well, and it didnt show up, only in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.



* I used the Capture plugin in Acrobat Exchange to do the CV-591 manual.
Capture scans the
document, and replaces the "graphics" image with real fonts, thus reducing
the size of the doc.
The replacement is about 2 megs rather than the 1.6 megs of the manual I
sent out to folks.

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