FTP SITE BACK UP please read

Tom Norris badger at TELALINK.NET
Wed May 20 21:14:50 EDT 1998

OK, I have beefed up security a little bit, and have decided to put the
PDF Manuals site back online for the time being barring any more hacking.

I am still going to move it to a more secure machine when I get the chance,
so bear with me.

I am eliminating any anonymous access, so you will have to have some means
of logging onto the site with a username and password. I might suggest
something like WSFTP or some other FTP client, rather than use a browser such
as netscape or explorer. Sorry to preach, it just works better for me
attempting to
keep security logs and attempting to sort out all the folks logged in.

If you need one of these programs take a peek at www.tucows.com or any of
many other
decent download sites on the internet.

The username for those wanting manuals will be "boatanchors"
with a password or "tubes"

Since you will not be logging in as "anonymous" you will also have the ability
to upload to the UPLOADS directory.

When i get the site upgraded, I may relax some of these restrictions.

Thanks, and I apoligize for sounding so dictatorial, but I gotta do it.


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