1964 pocket sized tube transceiver you can build!

Brian Carling bry at MNSINC.COM
Sat May 23 23:18:40 EDT 1998

Well folks at long last it is almost ready, and you can get a SNEAK
PREVIEW this weekend if you like!

This little transceiver project is a very thorough presentation with
several pages of text and graphics.

As a 13 year-old boy I was introduced to the joys of radio by various
friends. Back in those days there was a cool magazine on the news
stands in Britain, called Practical Wireless.

I devoured every issue that I could get my hands on, spending hours
poring over the advertisements etc.

I think the June 1964 issue was the first one I ever saw, and I was
fascinated by the thing! Here I present a copy of the article showing
how to make a portable tube transmitter (10 watts) and regen
receiver, that ises a total of TWO TUBES!

I hope some of you may actually have the joy of building this tiny
station that is small enough to fit, "IN AN OVERCOAT POCKET"
and yet capable of working the world on 7 Mc/s.

If anyone wants any explanations on the strange terminology or
symbols used, they are welcome to e-mail me!

The money symbols refer to the OLD British money system using:

5/- to indicate five shillings
2/- indicates 2 shillings.

The magazine was abit phoney in that they gave the "blueprint" with
the magazine at no charge, and it was obviously printed ONLY to
accompany the magazine, and yet they printed a PRICE on the blueprint
to try to make you feel that they were doing you a big favour by
giving you something extra for free!!

I have some 6GW8 (ECL80) tubes here, and I may try to reproduce this
little rig myself, even though I am not particularly fond of regen
receivers (grin - sorry!)

Everyone please take a look and enjoy the article. I will be adding a
couple more pictures and improving the layout. Most of the pictures
enlarge if you click on them.



73 to all - Bry, AF4K

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