The most unusual 'anchor that has followed me home

Robert Stone bobmoe at IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed May 27 21:07:59 EDT 1998

        For years we used this type of federal siren on our fire house. We
had a microphone in the siren loft so the dispatcher could hear the siren
and verify that it did go off when tripped. We had problems with the mic,
after 20 years it had rusted into a unrecognizable ball. So I volunteered to
replace it, no sooner did I get into the siren loft and get comfortable that
I realized I had forgotten to pull the fuses feeding the siren. I just about
finished the thought when a fire came in and the dispatcher tripped the
siren. I bailed out of the loft, falling through the trap door into the
attic. I had my hand over my ears and could not hold onto the rungs of the
ladder. That siren was loud from the ground and close up it was
excruciating. I was deaf for a few days! If you live in a suburban
neighborhood and set that siren off, the next sound you will hear will be
you're neighbors boiling tar and ripping open pillows to get the feathers.

        My most unusual boat anchors is a AN/APQ-102 tube/transistor hybrid
doppler radar system from a A6 intruder. I even have the heads up display to
go with it. The radar unit was functional for a while but the high power TWT
quit. I hope to get lucky and be able to replace it someday. BTW even though
this radar is an antique, when I called Litton to get the specs on the TWT I
was told that it was still on the secret list.


At 07:47 AM 5/27/98 -1000, you wrote:
>Let's hear from others on the list regarding the most unusual item
>you've got in your collection.
>(I will not be connecting the siren to the power mains; it's more
>for decoration than scaring the neighbors...)
>Jeff KH2PZ/7
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