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Thu Nov 12 13:16:23 EST 1998

Greetings...and hate to bother you all.

Lately I've seen a lot of members post items for sale but in a bunch of
separate messages.  This is not good for bandwidth or the nerves of the
people who pay to get their e-mail.

Here's an example:

5 messages are posted to a list with 700 members.  Instead of the server
having to distribute 700 messages it has to sort and handle 3,500 messages.

Please help us all out, and simply post all of your wants, needs, and sells
in one message and be creative in your subject line.

Another note : The policy of the Tempe lists are to allow topic related
references to items being sold in other areas of the net.  Ebay, news
groups, or other lists.  The thought behind this is to make sure the people
who love these radios the most (that's you and me) have a chance to save
them from going to someone who really does have a boat and really does want
an anchor.

Some of you don't agree with this policy.  These lists are not just for some
of you.

Any questions or comments can go directly to me.

Thanks for taking the time, and I'm glad to see "I" post the most off topic
stuff here.

73 and enjoy life


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