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Jeffrey Herman jeffreyh at HAWAII.EDU
Thu Nov 12 14:32:22 EST 1998

On Thu, 12 Nov 1998, wrote:
> Another note : The policy of the Tempe lists are to allow topic related
> references to items being sold in other areas of the net.  Ebay, news
> groups, or other lists.  The thought behind this is to make sure the people
> who love these radios the most (that's you and me) have a chance to save
> them from going to someone who really does have a boat and really does want
> an anchor.

Above all else, preservation of this gear should be our main concern. It
makes me sad to consider about all the BA gear that has been tossed into
dumpsters over the decades. As an example, I salvaged a TTY Corp. reperf
unit in brand-new condition from a dumpster on the U.H. campus; it's new
owner has placed it in a communications museum in California. That made me
REAL happy.

An estate was selling an SBE-34 transceiver for $25 - before I could
buy it the widow tossed it in the trash believing no one would want
it (happy ending though - I bought a Globe Scout 65A with that $25!).

(Oh, after being a General Class licensee for 22 years, I upgraded
to Advanced last night - sure was a lot different sitting for an
exam before a VE rather than the mean-looking FCC official!)

73 from Hawaii,
Jeff KH6OO / AA  (formerly KH2PZ, NH6IL, WH6AEQ, WA6QIJ from '76)
(Looking for a copy of Harlow's book, "Old Wires and New Waves.")

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