Help a Mil List reader with a GRN-9 question?

Tom Norris badger at TELALINK.NET
Mon Nov 16 21:06:25 EST 1998

Can anyone help this Marine with an AN/GRN-9B
question? I dont have any info on it myself. He
emailed me via the mil list asking for help.

PLEASE email him directly at Dlbarnhart at


badger at

>I don't think that even the military has such a complete listing of its
>But have you ever heard of "AN/GRN-9B" or PP-1928 AN/GRN-9B.
>>From the designation I think that it was (is?) an navigational
>beacon/radio.  The power supply that I have (from which it is a part of
>the GRN-9B) is a tube driven amplifier/rectifier.  If you have any
>knowledge or know where I could look, please point me in the right
>direction. (I am asking my Navy counterparts for info, but as yet I have
>had no luck.)
>Dlbarnhart at

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