List Admin - Please read

Sat Nov 21 12:22:39 EST 1998

Greetings all...

Several things...

If you are using Microsoft Outlook (any version) you may have trouble
posting to the list(s).  Before sending any messages using Outlook make sure
you are NOT using the MIME format.  UUencode works fine.  You can set this
permanently in your mailer or you can change the properties of any
particular message before you send it.  I'm not a help desk for Outlook, so
I can't answer a bunch of questions about how to work your e-mail
systems....most come with some great on-line documentation that you should
refer to.  So far, Outlook seems to be the only problem program.

Since we have moved all of our operations to a new server we have fixed all
of the problems...many you didn't see...and it's running very smooth.  Since
things are working well, I'm trusting that the error messages I get are real
and I've been acting on them almost daily to keep the numbers down.  What
does this mean to you?  If your e-mail system (your ISP, AOL, etc.) bounces
your e-mail for any reason you are removed from all Tempe lists.  This can
happen even if your mail box gets full.  I figure, if you don't get your
mail regularly I'll stop the server from filling your mail box.  Don't take
these personally of course.  I don't even keep a record of who I sign off
the lists.  You can sign right back on.  If I sign you off because you were
not following the rules, you'll know it.

And, lastly, I'd like to commend you all for staying on topic as well as you
have been.  The very few times I've seen bad posts I've noticed the group
ignored it so it didn't snowball, and I usually send a message to the poster
asking for their help in keeping it clean.  I encourage you all to send a
similar -private- request to anyone who posts off topic...self policing
should be a concept we all understand.  Everyone has been VERY cooperative.
This makes the lists fun for both the subscribes and for me to maintain.  I
thank you all.

Enjoy the holidays....and when you feel that chill in the air, turn on that
nice old tube rig and keep warm.

Dave Kelley, AI7R

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