Johnson Navigator Questions

Freeberg, Scott (STP) scott.freeberg at GUIDANT.COM
Mon Nov 23 12:13:29 EST 1998

Hi Ed,

Thanks for replying to my Navigator info posts.  Yep, thats what I
discovered also.  Another list member W3NU told me the Navigator pointers
came out of the back of the knobs.  I looked and sure enough, there they
are.  The white pegs are missing but the holes are there.  That was totally
unexpected.  When I pulled the transmitter from the box, I noticed the white
pegs missing, then noticed the peg holes missing from the front of the
knobs..  At first I wondered if they were non-original knobs.

Anyway, I plan on restoring the rear facing pointers for originality and
because its hard to figure out where the knobs are set.  That style of
pointer sure gives the radio a unique look!

73,  Scott WA9WFA in Saint Paul Minn

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> Sent: Saturday, November 21, 1998 10:16 AM
> Subject:      Re: Johnson Navigator Questions
> Actually Scott, they are NOT the same knobs. The Ranger and Valiants use a
> knob with a small white dot (piece of plastice) on the FRONT of the knob
> for a pointer; while the Navigator uses a knob with a rear-mounted
> cylindrical (rod) of plastic that sticks up enough to become the pointer
> for the knob.
> That said, I wouldn't put it past EFJ to have produced some with "regular"
> knobs on the Navigator... they seem to almost have been experimenting.
> There IS, for example, a STOCK NAV with a meter that does NOT have an EFJ
> logo. Some WERE produced that way. But BOTH my NAVs have this very odd
> kind
> of knob.

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