Capacitor choices for re-capping BA's

Dennis Gibbs dgibbs at RATIONAL.COM
Thu Oct 1 14:24:33 EDT 1998

Hello everyone,

I'm about to begin electrical restoration of an RCA AR-88LF receiver.
This will include a complete Re-capping and installation of new resistors
as needed.

Although I have done this to several receivers over the years, I would
like to solicit the opinions of those experienced to determine the best
choice for replacement capacitors.

Can someone tell me which of the following capacitors would be best for
this purpose:

1) SBE Orange Drop Type 715P Polypropylene Film
2) SBE Orange Drop Type PS Polyester Film
3) SBE Orange Drop Type 716P High Performance Polypropylene Film
4) WIMA MKP4 metalized Polypropylene
5) WIMA MKP10 High Reliability Polypropylene
6) NTE MLR Series Mylar/Polyester Film

Choice (3) and (5) above indicate that they are ideal for "High Pulse
applications.  Also, the WIMA capacitors have a wider temperature range than
the SBE series (up to 100 degrees C vs up to 85 degrees C).  In addition the
WIMA capacitors have a tighter tolerance (5% vs. 10%) than the SBE
However, I've never used these before.

Which of these would be the best choice for recapping Boatanchor receivers?
Is one type better suited to a particular stage (such as the RF and IF
sections) than another type?

Finally, for my bonus question: Is it OK to use NTE metal resistors for
replacement of out of tolerance resistors, even in the RF and IF sections?

Thanks for any help,

Dennis Gibbs
dgibbs at

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