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Keith Rowland k4kgw at MINDSPRING.COM
Thu Oct 1 20:04:02 EDT 1998

Hi Rich:

Ah, yes...but the Netherlands is called Netherlands (or Nederland) because of
the original meaning of the word, both in English, German, and Dutch.  As you
no doubt are aware, English is derived from the ancient German language. So we
are back where we began...this new use for the word has no connection with the
original word, and only complicates the language further.

To avoid being called to task for loading up the reflector with non-boatanchor
topics (of which this is one), let me say the following that is on topic:

I am looking for a 6-meter transceiver, preferably a Heath SB-110A, in
reasonable condition, and at a price that someone who buys too much stuff
already can afford.  Anyone want to divest themselves of one?  If it's within
a hundred miles or so of Atlanta, I could pick it up or meet somewhere in



Richard Post wrote:

> >
> >Let us herewith and forever commit this heinous contrived word to the
> >NETHERmost regions as it so richly deserves!!!
> >
> >73,
> >
> >Keith
> The word is already well used by a small but heavily-populated European
> nation devoid of mountain vistas.
> Token BA tie ins.
> 1.  Radio Netherlands has an excellent list of antique radio websites.
> 2.  A picture of the RME-69 resides on my web page.  The RME-69 (six bands
> - nine tubes) was used by the UNDERGROUND  (nether in nether?) some years
> ago when a heavily-armed neighbor came visiting and stayed for too long.
> Rich     ;-)
>  http://ouvaxa.cats.ohiou.edu/~post/PIX/BA.html

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