Need help with TV-10D/U tester

Bill Griffith bgriff at DEVELCON.COM
Mon Oct 5 12:13:19 EDT 1998

  I'm fixing-up a TV-10D/U tube-tester (like a TV-7, but bigger), and I
hope someone out there's more familiar with it than I am.

  Can anyone describe the retainer for the rectifiers inside ?  All I have
is a threaded post between the tubes, and I assume there's some retainer
that keeps them from wobbling about.  Can anyone describe it well enough
for me to build one ?

  I'm a little concerned about the proximity of the roll-chart to the
rectifiers, since they get pretty hot, and I imagine the roll-chart is
irreplaceable. I had to loosen off the chart so that I could scroll to both
ends without it tightening up, but near the middle there's lots of slack,
and I'm afraid of the chart getting burnt on the tubes or torn on the
selector switch terminals. (BTW the plastic thumbwheel had some broken
teeth, but I found a replacement metal gear on an old UHF TV tuner ). Is
there a cover missing that normally protects the chart ?


Bill Griffith VE3WGX

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