Rock Hill, SC, hamfest

Richard E. Robinson rerobins at EMAIL.UNCC.EDU
Mon Oct 5 12:31:51 EDT 1998

My favorite hamfests are the little ones.  Rock Hill, SC, is a small
hamfest, but there always seems to be some interesting things for a small

Boatanchor goodies spotted:

Millen Transmatch Jr. $80, followed me home
Millen 90651 GDO $50 in original box with 7 coils, near mint, followed me home
Polytronics PolyComm CB $2, no mike, followed me home and cleaned up nicely
(2) HQ-110 $125 each, one with a matching speaker but rough, both sold
Collins R-390 sold for $25, in pieces, don't know how I missed that one
Multi-Elmac AF-68, PMR-8, dual power supply, cables, all mint $325 went quick
Heath SB-10 $85, don't think it sold, got mine here last year for $25
R-388 rough, $250 firm, he took it back home
SX-71, fair, missing "h" below S-meter, holes drilled in front $125, same
fellow       with the R-388, he took it back home too
51J4, beauty in cabinet, NFS only wanting to trade for 75A4
ARC-5 receiver 4.5MCs model, average condx, $75 didn't sell by noon
SX-140 $100 didn't sell by noon
(2) HQ-170s, 1 rough $175, 1 nicer $225 sold, no speakers
Mysterious SWR/RF MOD meter, $8 followed me home
Several TR-3 and TR-4s $250 - $400,

I did see several S-40, S-20Rs in the $50 - $75 range change hands.  Not a
single Drake or National receiver there.

As others have noted, the boxes of old parts are dwindling.  I got quite a
few Millen and National ceramic feed throughs, tube sockets and stand-offs
for $.50 to $1 each but other than that, not as many old goodies as in
previous years.


Rick kf4ar

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