Regulated variable power supply

Richard Post post at OUVAXA.CATS.OHIOU.EDU
Wed Oct 7 17:52:02 EDT 1998


I asked for info on this a few days ago via the paid boatanchor list.  Thus
far, no response.  I'm hoping you guys can do better.  It's a Chatham
Electronics E-50 Reg power supply.

I found this bargain at the Springfield, OH hamfest hiding behind and under
some modern, less interesting stuff.  It's a regulated supply with zero to
300 mil and zero to 500 volt meters.  It sports a small forest (eight) of
6L6G and GA pass tubes as well as a pair of 6AS7, a pair of 5R4, a 5Y3 and
several control and voltage regulator tubes.

It has a relay and a time delay which assures that the tubes are warmed up
before high voltage is applied.  There are two locked pots on the chassis
and two in the back.  What are the pots for?  They have no effect on
minimum voltage.

I fired it up and it works but the minimum voltage is about 100.   It
easily handled a 75 mil lamp load to the lamp maximum of 240 volts.

(Heath tie-in.)  I am familiar with the circuit of the Heath PS-4/ IP-32 /
IP-17  hi-volt reg variable supplies. Is this similar, just more beef? The
separate fil and hi-volt transformers and three rectifiers tend to confirm
a similar circuit.  The Heath circuit uses a pair of 6L6Gx as pass tubes
and has both positive and negative supplies so that output voltage can be
adjusted to zero.  The Heath pots are for setting the zero point and the
max voltage point.  Does the Chatham supply go to zero?  Are the 6AS7 tubes
used for setting a current max?  Current max setting is something the
Heaths do not have.

Anybody else ever seen one of these?  Anybody have specs or a schematic?

Rewiring minds want to know :-)

73, Rich  KB8TAD - Keeps Big Tube Active Devices

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