Any GRC-106 experts out there?

Tom Norris badger at TELALINK.NET
Fri Oct 16 12:59:03 EDT 1998

Just got in a AM3349/GRC-106 to complete my GRC-106 non-A
setup. The manuals and such are on the way, but in the meantime,
I have this problem with the amp. ( The RT works fine. )

The problem: When power is applied to the amp, the DC/AC invertor
starts up, the fans start, and then all dies, then starts, then dies
at random intervals. Sounds a lot like an old 20's Curtiss radial
engine plane ( the kind with no throttle... ) coming in for a landing.
Where would the first place be to look for the cause of this? If I remember
correctly, the DC/AC invertor is on the top of the case, but with
no diagram yet, it is hard to do much. Right now the amp doesnt do
much else other than that. Never stays on long enough to see if
the HV supply will start. I hope to be able to rip into it this weekend
if I can shake this flu......

It has a decent stiff power supply, nary a dip in voltage when it
powers up.

Speaking of diagrams, does anyone have one on the 1A6 ( freq divider)
module for the RT-662? I have most of a manual, but no diagram on
that module. Also, has anyone successfully modified the FREQ VERNIER
control to operate on TX? The circuit description seems to look as
if it would work, but before I try I thought I would ask.

Also need a length of power cable, the heavy 'military' shielded power
cable such as this set and the GRC-19, et al use. Right now am using
a pair of ugly beat up #6 cables I had lying around to power the amp.
Used to have dozens of feet of the stuff, but have given it all away over
the past decade or so. It would make the set look a lot better. :-)

Thanks all

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 Tom Norris KA4RKT
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