Working Heath TV - SF Bay area - $50 or to non-profit group

Richard Post post at OUVAXA.CATS.OHIOU.EDU
Fri Oct 16 09:34:58 EDT 1998

Heath and Boatanchor folks,

I received the following messages from Denise Gillen and her permission to
post them on the Heath and Boatanchor lists.   The GR-681 is available for
$50 or for donation to a bona-fide non-profit (501 c3 tax deductible) group
such as a museum or CHRS, California Historical Radio Society.  Collectors
only, no dealers please.
Please respond to the following  e-mail address, not to mine

<kgillen at> (Keith Gillen)

Do you know of anyone who collects Heathkit Televisions? - or any
televisions? - I am try to find a home for a very nice GR-681 built by
my brother in the 60's.  Yes it works and is in a teak or walnut
cabinet.  It is in the San Francisco Bay Area so may be more convenient
for someone in California to transport.

Thank you Denise Gillen

>>Hi Richard,
>>Thank you for your response.  I wouldn't even begin to know how to price
>>this set.  I just wanted to make sure that it didn't end up being trashed.
>I will relay your message to the boatanchor and Heath lists if you decide
>on a reasonable dollar value for your TV which is pick-up only (no
>shipping) in CA.  Several such TVs have been given away to good homes on
>those lists in the past.
>      Boatanchor Pix website - KB8TAD
>Webmaster - Museum of Radio and Technology

Rich,  Thanks again for your reply - What dollar value?- I have no idea -
$50 or nothing - we are happy to donate it to a fund raiser - I just want
to recycle this lovely object, which will be even more valuable in another
20 years to someone who is serious about taking care of it.  Thanks, Denise

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