Fw: Freebee - S-53 parts rig

Larry Johnson k5yf at WT.NET
Mon Oct 19 21:46:12 EDT 1998

Fellow Boat Anchorites
Received the following note from Arthur Gordon re free S-53 likely parts
rig. If anyone is interested, please contact him directly...his address is
listed below. (Not me...I'm just the messenger.)

Larry Johnson, K5YF
Houston, Texas  USA
e-mail: k5yf at wt.net

-----Original Message-----
From: Arthur Gordon <artgor at concentric.net>
To: k5yf at wt.net <k5yf at wt.net>
Date: Sunday, October 18, 1998 21:11
Subject: Freebee

>I am in the position of being able to give away a half or more dead
>Hallicrafter rig Model S-53.At the moment it is not in my possession
>and the XYO of the possessor threatens to give it the "deep six"
>So far I restrained her and played upon her charitable instincts.
>I have not seen the rig in a while but am advised it has multiple
>probably usable parts.Do you knowof any one willing to pay the shipping
>costs (and no more) from New York?  Please advise
>73 s
>e-mail----artgor at concentric.net .

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