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Gary Pewitt gpewitt at EXECPC.COM
Wed Oct 21 21:43:48 EDT 1998

Greetings fellow keepers of the glowing filaments.
I just became the proud owner of three large German
table top radios.  All have short wave bands and I think
the Telefunken has band spread.
The Blaupunkt Madrid and the Grundig 2540U have identical
tube lineups except for the eye tubes.  I was going to ask
about american equivalents for the European tubes but my
1999 copy of the Antique Electronics catalog came in last night
and it lists them.  Are these exact equivalents or just a close
match?  Is it better to use the euro tubes or does it matter?
I am in need of schematics and other data for the Grundig
and the Blaupunkt.  The Telefunken Opus 8 came with a data sheet/schematic.  Only one catch, this is -not- the export
version.  It's all in German.  I managed to figure out that
UKW means FM, KURZ or KW means shortwave, Mittle means medium
wave or AM broadcast, Lang means long wave, and Aus means off.
That leaves Brandbreite? Tonband? Platte? Tiefen? Hohen with
an umlaut over the o?  I think Bandbriete might mean band spread
'cause the button stays down when the sw or am buttons are down
and the tuning seems different.  The EM tubes (EM07, EM84, and EM80) are eye tubes right.  Looks like I am going to need an EM84 for the Blaupunkt.  The Blaupunkt works fine on FM but
not on am or sw.  Does it have a separate product detector for FM and a diode detector for am?  If so which tube would be the am detector?  There is something really special about these
BIG German radios.  They remind me of a big Mercedes automobile.  You'd never mistake them for British or American.
I guess it's a good thing I bought all those old console radios
now I have places to put the German rigs on top.
So any advice (other than to stop buying radios) pointers, warnings, helpful hints, parts or document sources, or war stories welcome.  Thanks in advance and 73  Gary

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Date: 10/21/98
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