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> That leaves Brandbreite? Tonband? Platte? Tiefen? Hohen with
>  an umlaut over the o?  I think Bandbriete might mean band spread
>  'cause the button stays down when the sw or am buttons are down
>  and the tuning seems different.

bandbreite = bandwidth
tonband = tape recorder input
platte = recorder player input ( Schallplatten, nicht? )
tiefen =  bass
hoehen = treble

these are wonderful looking and sounding radios but maybe, IMO,
a little difficult to work on. i never admired anything where i had to
unsolder wires to remove the chassis. maybe not all of them are like
this. i especially like the tone controls on some of these, where the
knob actually moves a musical note up and down on a staff, or
where your control darkens or lights up musicians at the edges of
a little graphic of an ensemble. some of them also have a knob to
rotate the ferrite loop antenna. and they are nearly all transformer
powered. they seem to offer a lot of quality entertainment for a
circuit of only a few tubes. and with all the knobs and piano keys
they have a quality of being an instrument that the skilled listener
maybe that is one other negative: the limited circuitry.
the circuit has no RF stage and rarely more than 1 IF. the output,
as good as it sounds, is usually just single pentode, not pushpull.
i think the comparison to US radios is also interesting. the US
it seems, didn't much have a category like this. mostly smaller
table radios, and then the next step was the floor consoles.
(at least, in the postwar era. some of our 30s gothics and tomb-
stones could be quite large and have multiple bands.)
also, we have always had more metal and wood and  tubes and
everything else, and it shows. no  18-tube Western Radio
monoliths there.
good luck.  hue miller

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