FS/FT: Simpson 260 *NEW*

Ian Webb ian_webb at PACBELL.NET
Sat Oct 24 14:33:00 EDT 1998

I'm still cleaning house/garage!

I have a new Simpson Series 7 meter.  Box, manual, leads, etc.  All are
unused and look it.  The original box looks "shop worn" with corners
scraped, etc. but it's all intact.  I put in fresh batteries and all
seems to work fine on the ohms scales.

I would like $75 + postage from 95070.

I would consider a possible trade if you have something(s) of equivalent
value that are attractive to me.  Make a proposal if you wish, the worst
that can happen is that I'll say no.

See it at:

 Simpson 260

Ian, K6SDE

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