FS: NC-240D speaker

Chuck O'Neal coneal at MA.ULTRANET.COM
Sat Oct 24 14:23:37 EDT 1998

This came with an NC-240D that i'm keeping.  Both the cabinet on the
NC-240 and speaker were spray painted with a light coat of black 
paint. It actually looked quite nice....an excellent job...looks like a perfect 
black wrinkle finish....but not original.  I removed the black paint on the NC-240 
revealing the original excellent grey wrinkle finish.  I'm sure the speaker
would clean up as easily.  The speaker cabinet in perfect, no scratches
or dents, you can see the wrinkle finish clearly, it looks just like black 
wrinkle!  The speaker is perfect as is the original cloth wrapped cable 
with the 5 pin plug on it. all the "art deco" feet are with it..  $95 shipped
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