Paint? [radium]

Hue Miller Kargokult at AOL.COM
Sun Oct 25 16:45:23 EST 1998

>  On Sat, 17 Oct 1998 19:30:02 -0700, Stefan Bishay <stefan00 at GTE.NET> wrote:
>  >Does anyone know where to get some of that glowing radium paint, as used
>  >knobs, meters, and switches of many military BAs?

i saw this Navy TBY-6 radio at a hamfest, and the front panel looked like
the earliest nonradium model, with the control legends in narrow, white
lettering, unlike the radium paint models, where the lettering is seen to
be fat and dingy tan color. i was thinking of buying it just to swap it
with a TBY-8 i have and just use all the accessories of the latter with the
former. then the seller said, the front was real dirty and i cleaned it real
i thot, "better you than me pal."  not my idea of a good time, wiping
loose radium around the front panel. end of that idea.

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