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Hue Miller Kargokult at AOL.COM
Sun Oct 25 21:39:28 EST 1998

here's some more odds 'n ends. prices are postpaid.
all are original, noncopy unless stated. first preference
given to any trade offer.
if you reply, kindly put the item in the title of your note
if it's not too much trouble. and in the text the price of
the item.   and, you'll need to allow me up to 10 days to
ship. i won't cash your check til then. i don't require
money orders. tnx, hue

H. Miller # 204
1555 Waverly SE
Albany OR  97321

GLOBE CB  cb100,  cb100a, cb200, president 8, pocketphone, star, &
master  $11
ROHN catalog 1971  1/2" thick  $3
GALAXY 5  this is a photocopy, called "crappystat" i think, one sided,
schematic is kinda faint, unbound, price is basically shipping, $3
NATIONAL  VX-501  vfo for NCX-5   $5
GALAXY   G1000dc  dc supply for gt550   2 pgs  $2
COLLINS  listing on previous group for KWS1 manual now
includes 1 collins Pulse, also 1972 hamgear pricelist
HARVEY WELLS  Bandmaster  2 real nice advert pages showing many
accessories, PS's, even a panel for rackmounting.  good info if you have
one of these and you really like it.  $3
Eldico Antennascope  $3
GE type 211 tube specs, 2 page bulletin 1941  free for 9x12 stamped
HEATH SB-110a  schematic ony, free for stamped 9x12 envelope
GONSET 2 meter communicator, schematic only, free for sase 9x12
GONSET super 12 converter 2 pgs. $2
HAMMARLUND  hq145x schematic only, free for sase
GONSET noise clipper model B, 1 pg. free to Gonset fan only, and 9x12 sase
GLOBE tenna-meter TM-1  1 pg ad, free for 9x12 sase
HEATH  gw-42 cb  $5
HEATH cantenna  $3
HALLI  HT-31 Mk 1  linear $6
STANCOR  st-203-a mobile xmtr $5
"Index to T&R Bulletin 7/1937 thru 6/1940"  ( a UK magazine) free to the
right good home & 9x12 sase.
HALLI   tw-55 small 'vestpocket' tube portable radio & docking supply b-55 $5
HAMMARLUND hq-110  2-pg advert free for 9x12 sase
JOHNSON messenger systems advert material for dealer in 3 ring plastic
binder with specs photos on johnson cb & bizness band cb 1970, nice $7
Thordarson transformer catalogs 1947, 2 of,  $3
free materials, require you sending me a sase 9x12 with whatever i determine
the postage amounts to:
RCA service news 6-1948 plus few other RCA pages
Taylor tubes, 2 pages ads
Halli sky buddy / champion  1 page from some dealer catalog
Regency Monitoradio receiver ( early xtal scanner)
B&W balun coils & turret coils 2 pgs.
EIMAC some technical articles in EIMAC cover 8 oz.

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