Motorola Handi-Talkie

M. Monninger markem at PRIMENET.COM
Sun Oct 25 21:44:22 EST 1998

A friend of mine came across a Motorola Handi-Talkie recently at a garage
sale. It's the unit with the telephone-like handset that snaps into the
carrying handle. It's marked:
  FM Radiophone
  H11-1A M
  33.14 Mc.
There date stamps inside are Oct 1953.

It appears to use up to 8 D cells, I assume for the filaments, and has snap
connectors for several (3 or 4) other batteries, I assume for the B+
supply. Does anyone know what type battery it uses?

Guessing the obvious, I'd say it's an FM unit for 33.14 Mc. but am curious
about other specs, such as power output, tube complement, etc.

Are these units common? Any idea what it would be worth? This one is in
very good condition but is missing the antenna.

Any info will be appreciated.

73... Mark   AA7TA

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