FADA and Zenith Radios

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Wed Sep 2 02:22:32 EDT 1998

de N4TGC Eric

        Adam, et al:  I'll abbreviate the blurb from the FADA listing in Bunis'
Antique Radio Guide - "...named for it's founder, Frank Angelo D'Andrea
... began in 1920 with xtal sets ... company sold in 1932, slight name
change ... made radios thru mid-40's ... best known for FADA Bullet, an
untra-streamlined Catalin set ... "
        FADA's Neutrolette 192A is listed as having sold for $150.  The prices
are generated from auctions, private sales, and hearsay, so it's just a
general idea of worth, not a benchmark (not Bunis' fault, BTW).  Given
as produced in 1925, operated from battery.
        The Zenith is probably a 6-G-601 - prices given from $55 to $65.  There
should be a suffix letter than designates the outer cover: L for
leather; M and MH for cloth; ML for "snakeskin".  The left "dial" panel
should have an outline drawing of a sailboat.

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