The GRC-106 that wasn't - a sad tale.....

Tom Norris badger at TELALINK.NET
Tue Sep 1 20:33:21 EDT 1998

A friend told me of a find at a nearby local surplus store ( which will remain
nameless ) of an R-392 in good shape. I called up said store, and was told
the owner had another item, "A GRC- something, has an amplifier sitting on top
of a radio, or something like that..." I rattled off the RT-834 to which
the person
replied "that sounds right" and then for the amplifier I mentioned the
to which I got "I think so".  I then described the GRC-106, and was greeted
"It sure sounds like it". With some trepidation, I asked the price and was
$300. Hmmm, a WHOLE grc-106 set for $300! I was so excited I forgot to ask
about the R-392.

So I took the afternoon off and drove to the store. First I saw the R-392
and asked
about it - "$300, rare radio, but works good" The man demonstrated that it
did indeed
work well, smooth tuning, pretty sensitive, on freq, etc. It was a 1952
and in fair shape. Not 300 dollars worth, but fair shape. Also tried to
sell me some TA-312
field phones in decent shape "only $175 each or $300 a pair" Said he sells
at that price.

I was decent enought to the fellow not to tell him that they are available
at a half dozen
other places for between $35 and $75 each.

I then asked about the "GRC-106" the guy supposedly had, as I didnt see one
on the

"It's right there, see" and he points to a PRC-10 on an AM-( xxxx )* 24
volt power supply/
audio amp. I almost fell over. I was crushed. Figured as much though, as
$300 is way too
little for a GRC-106. I politely thanked him, took one of his cards and
looked around his
store for a bit before leaving.

At least the hour's drive each way was relaxing.


If anyone on the list *is* interested in any of the above, contact me via
private email and
I will let you know where the store is and how to contact the guy.

Does anyone know where I might find a reasonably priced GRC-106, or 106A
that wont
cost me an arm or leg? Not that I need one of course, nor can I afford

73 all

"Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see"


*Yea, at that point, I really didnt pay too much attention to the
nomenclature tag.

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