Anyone have schematics/info for these?

Adam Liette kb8ydx at GEOCITIES.COM
Tue Sep 1 20:01:25 EDT 1998

Hello all. I recently was given a couple of nice tube rigs. I was
wondering if anyone would have a schematic or some info on getting these
to working condition.

I have a Zenith Wave Magnet. Model 6-G-60. I think the number painted on
the chassis is the right one. It's a portable radio (550KC - 1500KC.
Standard BC.) that closes up to look like a small suitcase. I really
like the design of this rig, and would like to have it in working order.

I also have one that must be very old. I can only find a couple of
markings on it, and some aren't very big. The rig is housed in a very
nice wooden cabinet and has 3 variable caps across the front.
Inside is "Neutrolette Type No. 192A" an on ehte front Panel is FADA
Radio. Other than that, I haven't found anything. This would be a nice
radio to show off too.

Thanks for any help.

Adam Liette

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