Collins Filter Parts Number ONLY

Ian Webb ian_webb at PACBELL.NET
Wed Sep 2 10:36:55 EDT 1998

I don't understand that anybody was saying that one ***MUST*** post more than the Collins part number.  I thought it was an attempt to elicit information that would be necessary in order to see whether or not the item was one that would work (or could be
adapted to work) in one's Collins receiver or transmitter.

Some responses have impressed me (perhaps incorrectly) that there's a desire to make sure that the postings are only able to be deciphered by the "elite" of the subscribers to the lists.  Only those on the "inside" will be able to understand the "secret
language" (and handshake?)  Maybe that's just how it's seemed to me and I hope I'm mistaken in my interpretation of the responses.  Not everybody who appreciates and works with Collins has an inclusive list of filters!

I've been working with/using Collins gear for nearly 40 years now since first operating the KWS-1 (driving a Johnson Desk KW until I undid the modifications for low power and disconnected the desk KW) at W6YX at Stanford and later I purchased a used KWM-1 and
most of the accessories in the early 1960s at a "firesale".   Hey, I even used it mobile with the factory mount and DC supply in a 1957 Chevrolet!  ...AND I guess I sheepishly must admit I converted it to include 40 meters.  I wonder what the person who's run
into it in "modern times" must think of that, though I did document it thoroughly for the person I sold it to and I used a modification of a conversion article in one of the magazines.

Later I've had, repaired and rebuilt, just about every S-Line item including things like the 399C-1 which I'm told was rare.  I went through the usual 51J-3, R-388, 51J-4, R390, R391, R392 and 75A4 route, even bringing back from the dead a 75A4 which at that
time was offered for sale with no takers for $50!  (All filters and reduction knob!)

I've been very inactive for nearly 25 years and am now, after retiring early, getting back into using and rebuilding Collins gear and after finishing up a 51S-1 will attack my M2 station which has been unused for 25 years.  I DO NOT have at my fingertips a
list of filters and specifications and unless a sympathetic person or persons help by letting us know where one can get that information, it does LIMIT THE POTENTIAL SOURCE OF BUYERS to only the "inner sanctum" when all that is posted is a part number.

Hey, if the part number is all that is posted and that's on purpose, OK.  I don't think anybody advocates the formation of the "parts number only posting vigilante committee"  !!!!!

Ian, K6SDE

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