Ebay blues

Robert Stone bobmoe at IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed Sep 2 10:25:37 EDT 1998

        As Ebay is mentioned frequently on this reflector I am seeking some
advice from other buyers on how to protect myself from dishonest sellers. I
have purchased several military boat anchors on Ebay and some have been as
described. But recently I have in my opinion been seriously cheated by a
fellow ham from North Carolina. I purchased from 'hammer' (his ebay ID),
what was described as a excellent BC342 in 8 of 10 condition and the picture
showed a complete receiver. What arrived was a very beat up receiver with
hand painted lettering, rusty, missing parts, modifications and non
functional to add to the insult. This receiver looks to be from the local
land fill and not a collection. After the sale the seller was totally non
responsive to several requests for a refund until threatened with legal
action and then told me not to post him if I was to take that tone and he
would think about refunding my money. That was Three weeks ago without any
further response.

        Another Ebay seller trick is to tell you they never received payment
so you end up sending a second money order, maybe at that point you get
you're item, in a few cases I have not. These sellers know how hard it is to
track a money order and who cashed it. When I went through the red tape at
the bank I found the Money orders had been cashed but in most cases not by
who. I have learned if I have sent a check or money order and the seller
claims not to have received it to wait 90 days to see if the original check
or money order is cashed. I lose a few sales this way but save being cheated.

        Has everyone's experience on Ebay been this bad?  To date I have
lost over $500.00 to dishonest sellers. How do you protect yourself or is
Ebay the bad deal it seems to be. What do you do when cheated buying boat


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