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Thu Sep 3 00:40:32 EDT 1998

Greetings Tempe list members...

Several items:

Please stay on the topic of the lists.  This does not include much of what
I've seen posted in the last few days.  Try this the next time you get ready
to post.  Hold your finger over the SEND button but before you hit it, ask
yourself, do the 600+ people really want to read your message.  If it's
about the type of radio they signed up to the list to communicate about,
probably.  If it's a comment about the lack of spell checkers, or how E-bay
is or is not working, it's NOT why those people signed up.  The best people
leave when the noise level goes up.   THINK and then SEND (or not send)

On another matter.  Tempe, in the next 30-60 days, will be switching to a
new mailer system.  This shouldn't change a single thing about how the lists
are working, and we shouldn't be down for more than a few minutes.  The new
mailer will give me less to do because it is better at watching for dead
e-mail addresses and errors and does more for me automatically.  I'll try to
give a 24 hour warning message before we do it.

Enjoy the lists...and remember, there are now four general lists : Collins,
Boatanchors, Heath, and VSS (for Vintage Solid State....hey, we all get to
that stage don't we?)

And...since I hate to make a post to the lists without talking about radios
at least a little...I have set up a live camera in my shack.  At least it's
live while the lights are on.  Every minute it refreshes the picture from
7:30 am to about 10 pm MST. (1430-0500z)  The site is at if you are so inclined to check it out.
It's kinda' fun...yet boring as are most of the cameras.

Oh, and no public replies to this message are required...thanks

73 all
Dave Kelley, AI7R

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