Fire Extinguisher for BA shack

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>In moving last week, I noticed my ABC dry chemical extinguishers are
>flat, so I will be replacing them. Is there a safer formulation for
>electrical and electronic equipment than ABC? What is the preferred type
>to use on tube gear? I dont even know if CO2 extinguishers are readily
>available anymore. What about Halon? Seeking recommendations. What
>should I expect to pay for an appropriate extinguisher? Thnaks.

If you use a dry chemical extinguisher on a piece of electronic gear,
you just as well throw the piece of gear away afterwards along with any
other electronic stuff that was in the room at the time...That stuff will
ruin it.

I keep three steel 20 pound charge weight CO2 extinguishers along with
three stainless steel 2.5 gallon pressurized water ones out here in
the shack. I have them serviced every year. Naturally the pressurized
water ones are NOT for use on electrical stuff because they will kill
you if you do use them in that capacity. The thing is, CO2 is almost
useless on Class A fires. As a result, I have both types side by side
at 3 locations in the shack.

Halon is OK, I carry a small 5 pound one in my Suburban, You better hope
that you never use it and need to have one recharged. Last time I checked
it was somewhere around 16 or 17 dollars per pound. The New World Order
Freon Tax......

Which ever you decide to buy, make sure that you have them serviced
regularly. And NEVER have them serviced all at the same time. Sure as
hell, the night that you need one will be of the day that you dropped
them all off to be serviced.

Out of about a dozen or so extinguishers that I own, not one is a dry
chemical type. I wouldn't have one if it was free. I would own more but
there's a fire station only about 3000 feet away. :-)

And buy good commercial and/or industrial quality ones when you do. They
can be fixed and/or recharged. Most of the cheap discount ones are designed
to be "thrown away". It's amazing how many people trust their lives and
property to the cheapest fire extinguisher that they can buy. ;-(

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electromagnetic radiation from nuclear blasts, sonic boom vibrations,
customer adjustments that are not covered in this list, and incidents
owing to an airplane crash, ship sinking or taking on of water, motor
vehicle crashing, dropping the item, falling rocks, leaky roof, broken
glass, mud slides, forest fire, or projectile (which can include, but
not be limited to, arrows, bullets, paintballs, shot, BB's, shrapnel,
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