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Fri Sep 4 02:47:22 EDT 1998

de N4TGC Eric

Let's not give away our age here, fellas!  Newbies just give me strange
looks when I ask them about keyboard preferences; it seems one has to
have started with manual typewriters (such as the portable Royal - can
you imagine a worse typewriter to learn on ?!), and graduated to IBM
Selectrics (high school - later I bought a Royal 590 and typed a few
million words on it; then got a rather souless Olivetti, now a
not-much-better Royal/Adler Satellite III).  I don't quite PREFER the
old click-meisters, but I definitly reject the rubbery-keyed jobs - as
the pile of them under the futon-bed attests . . .
        I recently had a Model whatsis RTTY, and forgot to check the feel.  How
do they compare?  BTW, I have an IBM PS/2 50Z 486 w/ 60mHD and 4mRAM CPU
w/ monitor, but sans keyboard and mouse.  Are there any peculiarities
for which I should watch?  I could also use a system/boot disk . . . oh
yes - it has what I am told is an RTTY modem in it.
        You don't THINK the PS/2 is a boatanchor, until you drop it, it dents
what it lands on - and it still works!

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