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 As an addendum to my post earlier, I would also like to hear about titles
in the categories of  memoir, autobiography, autobiographical novel, and
"creative non-fiction" (i.e. articles that are heavily personal in point of
view). BTW, as a number of replies have commented on the subject of my
master's thesis, just thought I should say that radio literature is a large
part of the project, but not the whole thing. Academia seems a bit silly, I
know. I know of one person who did a doctoral dissertation with the title:
"The Semiotic Rhetoric of Bob Dylan's _Blonde On Blonde_, or
Para-hermeneutics for the Masses." He he.

Will White wrote:

>     As part of a Master's thesis in English literature, I am  compiling
> a bibliography of novels, plays, short stories, and poems in which radio
> communications (not MW or FM broadcast, though HF SWL is acceptable)
> figures prominently. By this I mean that the use of ham, military, and
> commercial long-range two-way radios is an important part of the plot or
> main idea. It doesn't have to be the central point, but just prominent
> rather than incidental.
> Please tell me of any titles you know of, either recent or long ago. I
> am interested in all aspects of radio, but invention, early experiments,
> CW operation, and use of tube equipment particularly. I know that a
> number of spy/intrigue/adventure novels have been written specifically
> for a ham audience, and I want to know about those too, but am more
> interested in what  is considered serious literature (man, am I going to
> get flak for saying that! ).
> So, email me your radio reading list! Please include as much information
> as you can: author, title, publisher, year of publication, place of
> publication, and ISBN if available. When I get a respectable list, and
> check all the info, I will be posting the bibliography to newsgroups,
> and if you want an email copy, let me know in your response. Thanks, 73
> --
> Will White, KD7BFX

Will White, KD7BFX

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