trade HW-101/HP-23/HA-10 amp for C-line/B- line

Lane C. Zeitler zeitler at IBM.NET
Tue Sep 8 02:25:52 EDT 1998

Tube Lovers,
I would like to trade for a Drake C line or B line:

Very very nice Heathkit HW-101 with matching HP-23 supply. Comes with the
optional 400 hz filter. This is an on the air rig and is used almost daily.
I have two so one must go. Have orig. manual. No mic. No spkr (using them on
my other station). Overhauled at RTO in 1991 by previous owner. Have
documentation on that service work. Really works great. Puts out around 110
to 120 watts per band. Very good rcvr sensitivity.

Also have the HA-10 Warrior amp. This was featured in the November 1997
issue of CQ magazine. In that issue the amp was upgraded to add 160, T/R
relay, and other mods. The only mods that I have done is to replace the
811As with (4) 572Bs. Also replaced the 866As with K1AW's 14kv 3 amp brick
diode blocks. No holes were drilled to do this. They are mounted on the
underside of the 866 sockets. Very reversible for the purist but I recommend
this mod. It really helps. The amp will put out around 900 watts with 100
watts of drive using the (4) 572Bs which it comes with. Ep at idle is 1650
vdc. Fully loaded it only drops down to 1450vdc. This is a choke input HV
supply and is very stiff. It will only work on 120 vac mains. No 240 vac
option with this, sorry guys. Have a copy of the manual. The amp also looks
very, very nice.

I would like to trade these two pieces for a nice Drake B line or C line.
Really prefer not to sell. I am in San Diego and will ship UPS only and the
buyer will have to work out shipping details with me since the amp weighs
about as much as my 89 Toyota Celica. If you are local or within driving
range we could meet within 2 hours of San Diego or you could come here and I
will gladly demo it for you.

I would also consider swapping just the HW-101/HP-23  for a R4B or R4C.

San Diego

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