About my Boatanchors WEB page

Tue Sep 8 04:58:59 EDT 1998

Hi gang,

Please, forgive me for this crossposting, but it is the only way to reach
the greatest number of possibly interested parties.

As some of you know, I maintain a WEB page, "EB5AGV Vintage Radio Site"
(address in the signature of this message), devoted mainly to Boatanchors
and vintage test equipment. This includes Collins, Drake, Heathkit,
Hammarlund, TV-7, R-390(A), ... Well, my page is hosted in Geocities, a
free page server. Of course, free means that you should have some
commercials included and, in the Geocities case, they put a commercials
page when you load any of the pages hosted by them. Some people has told me
if I can remove the commercials. The answer is NO :-(. But you can _almost_
forget about them if you MINIMIZE the commercials page (DON'T close it!).
So you can browse the entire site with just one minimized commercials page.
It will just add some seconds to your download time.

Again, forgive me for this 'off-topic' comment, but I hope this will be
useful for you, as there are about 1,500,000 geocities pages and this
'trick' has worked for me also with other servers commercials.

Best regards from Spain.

  73 EB5AGV / EC5AAU
     Ausias March 46, 15
     46910 Benetusser - VALENCIA

** VISIT MY VINTAGE RADIO SITE - updated 28-August-1998 ***
  e-mail: eb5agv at ctv.es & eb5agv at amsat.org

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