TV-7D tube tester a good one??

Thu Sep 10 08:21:40 EDT 1998


I'll add my 2 cents about tube testers... I own a Triplett 3444 and a
TV-7C/U. Also, in the Radio Museum I'm helping to setup, we have a Hickok
752. I think both the Triplett and the Hickok are more 'professional', as
you can read, in a BIG meter, real transconductance (Gm), in micromhos, and
them compare to a typical and an standard value. And, at least in the
Triplett, you can read plate current also. In the TV-7, you only have a
minimum scale value to compare so, how 'good' a tube is if it is, let's
say, 30% over the minimum value?. And if another is is 40%?. You can
translate, with the aid of tables, the TV-7 indication to a Gm value, but
it is not very nice to work that way when you have lots of tubes to check...

So I use the TV-7 when I want to discard bad tubes and the Triplett 3444
when I want to check them accurately. A plus for the TV-7 is its
compactness; both the 3444 and the 752 are bigger and the enclosure is not
metallic as the rugged TV-7...

Best regards from sunny Spain :-)


PS: You can get some info and updated tables about TV-7s at my WEB page
(address in the signature of this message).
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