Posted message size limit turned on...

Thu Apr 1 21:49:32 EST 1999


I have set the maximum size of any post to 150 lines of text.  Be sure to
limit the amount of text you include in a reply from a previous post to make
sure you do not go over this limit.  If you do, you should get a message
from the server telling you this was a problem, and your message won't post.

This solves two of which is there to protect you.

1. Attached images should not make it through...saving your mail box and the
list server resources

2. Most viruses will be larger than this as an attachment and should be
stopped before it gets out.  The fact still remains that you should not open
an attachment unless you absolutly know what it is first.

I should have turned this limit on earlier....sorry about that.

Now, if we could only stop the one liners we would be set.

Remember, when you are posting to the list, there are hundreds of your
fellow hams seeing your comments.  If you care how your peers see you, take
care in what you post.  On the Collins and Heath lists there has been a
large number of off topic posts and what Sienfeld would call "Much to do
about nothing" posts.  As a result I've seen a larger number of hams signing
off than on.  These are your lists....but remember, that guy who just signed
off because of the pointless chatter just might have been the one who would
have had that answer you need next week...or that part you needed.  It's up
to you folks....I'm just making sure it keep running.

Have a great weekend....I'm going back to play on 40 CW.



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