Steve Harrison ko0u at OS.COM
Sun Apr 4 12:37:34 EDT 1999

At 11:47 AM 4/4/99 -0500, John M Iverson wrote:
>RCA made a therimin in the early 30s.

And I'm almost certain that Heath had at least one model although I'm
certain that it was solid-state.

I still remember the Carl and Jerry Theremin article by Herb Brier in an
early 60's issue of Popular Electronics. I believe it was Carl who was
having trouble with his basketball free throw rhythm; so Jerry built a
Theremin with the antenna or wand sticking out behind Carl's head from a
sort of backpack. Carl would hear the tone swoop associated with his hand
and arm movements for good hoop shots. Naturally enough, during some big
game, the game's outcome rested on Carl's ability to make a free throw.
Jerry quickly mounted a tape with a recording of the swooping of "good"
free throws, played it over the field house's PA system, and Carl matched
his next shot to the sound of the swooping, winning the big game.

About a year or two ago, someone was going to try to get permission to
reproduce those old Carl and Jerry stories but I never heard the upshot of
that attempt. Sure would be nice to read them again!

73, Steve K0XP

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